Chic Antique.

Meet the Chef

Chef EdwinBorn in Guatemala and raised in Houston, Chef Chanas’ dishes epitomize the cultural diversity of the city he calls home by enhancing the traditional American cuisine with flavor accents from across the globe. With more than eight years of professional experience, Chef Chanas humbly credits his culinary achievements to having “worked with a lot of creative chefs in the city that helped me be develop the skills and leadership to be where I am today.”

Chef Chanas graduated from the Art Institute of Houston in 2007 with an associate degree in Culinary Arts and a bachelor’s in Hotel and Restaurant Hospitality and Management. His experience in the Houston restaurant industry includes other upscale dining establishments such as the Voice at Hotel Icon, Stella Sola, Felix 55 and Pappas Steakhouse.

Focusing on fresh, in-season, and local ingredients, Chef Chanas favors minimalistic culinary design with thoughtfully paired components selected to bring out the natural flavors of the main dish. His contributions extend beyond his culinary visions as he continues to challenge the staff through his leadership, creativity and innovation.


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Market Square

Hearsay Gastro Lounge
218 Travis St.


By George R. Brown, Toyota Center, & Discovery Green

Hearsay on the Green
1515 Dallas St.

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